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Unleash Your Inner Genius!

Discover the art of learning and enhance your capacity and confidence to learn.

Using accelerated learning techniques and tools, increase efficiency in learning with Mind Maps and other Buzan brain tools.

Maximise retention and systematically develop long term memory. 

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Headstart Enrichment Programmes

(On-going Classes)

These weekly are classes are structured on the basis of small group co-operative learning, with lessons crafted on Habits of Mind, Multiple Intelligences and Buzan® learning techniques.

Subject curriculum parallels the Singapore MOE school syllabus with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills.

Goldhill Schedule

GH jun schedule 2017

Term Dates 

TBLC Term Dates 2017

 2017 classes are open for registrations! Call or email us to register now!

*Timing in bold are confirmed classes.

*Saturday will be the first lesson of the week

Buzan Headstart® Enrichment programmes’ ACE approach

Accelerated Activity-based Active Learning
Compressed Cognitive Co-operative
Enrichment  Experiential Enjoyable 


Level: Pri to Sec

Level: Pri to Sec

Level: Pri to Sec

Buzan®Writing Skills(BWS)


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*There is a $50 Registration fee and a $100 Refundable Deposit to be charged for students who are enrolling for the 1st time.

Pre-Primary English and Mathematics
Level: K2


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