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Unleash Your Inner Genius!

Discover the art of learning and enhance your capacity and confidence to learn.

Using accelerated learning techniques and tools, increase efficiency in learning with Mind Maps and other Buzan brain tools.

Maximise retention and systematically develop long term memory. 

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Power Learning Camp®

Unleash your learning genius!

Camp Objectives

  • To instil fun and excitement into learning, and let participants be aware that learning can be an enjoyable and natural process.
  • To provide a good understanding on the learning process and each individual’s capacity to learn, developing confidence and self-belief.
  • Develop self-esteem and motivation to fulfil potential.
  • Equip age appropriate techniques and skills for each to be a self-regulated independent learner.


Our Approach

Our desired outcome is that all participants will emerge from this camp knowing that they can learn more effectively, wanting to do it, develop the will to do it, and being equipped with the techniques and skills to do so.

This is an intensive programme targeted at transforming mindset and inducing positive learning habits and character. However, our paramount goal is that all must enjoy the process, which will be kept fun and exciting through authentic applications, play, co-operative learning and connecting with each in a personal way.

Participants at each level will also benefit from the Power Learning sessions on English and Mathematics to experience Buzan brain-friendly lessons and build on their academic foundation.

Duration: 3 x 8 hr sessions (3 full-day)
Level: Pri 1 – 6
Course Fee*:           


* NB: PLC fees can be used to offset Headstart® Enrichment Programme fees.
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