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Unleash Your Inner Genius!

Discover the art of learning and enhance your capacity and confidence to learn.

Using accelerated learning techniques and tools, increase efficiency in learning with Mind Maps and other Buzan brain tools.

Maximise retention and systematically develop long term memory. 

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Corporate Training

Our corporate training courses are led by the world’s leading authorities on thinking and the brain. You will learn a complete array of key creative thinking skills, ground breaking creativity and innovation techniques, and proven Mind Mapping strategies perfect for corporations, educators, entrepreneurs, consultants and executives.

Full Day & Half Day Workshops

  • Think Smart Work Smart
    • Developing an Intelligent & Analytical Mind
  • Effective Mind Mapping® Skills
    • Improve your memory, creativity and thinking
  • Buzan® Master Memory
    • Skills to remember what you read, see and hear
  • Cultivating Creativity & Innovation
    • Unleashing Creative Intelligence & Innovative Capacity
  • Make the Most of Your Mind
    • Developing as Effective Life-long Learners
  • Mastering Personal Effectiveness
    • Practical Approach to Transforming Your Personal & Work Life
  • Mastering EQ for Success
    • Developing Emotional Intelligence & Becoming a People Person
  • The Art of Happy Living
    • Make the Most of Your Life!


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